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+ The basic idea is this: every month, like clockwork, this community will host a Mini-Ficathon for one of the characters of The West Wing. Hopefully we'll have enough interest to continue, month-by-month, until we run out of TWW characters.

+ At the beginning of the month a poll will go up to determine which character the community members would like the month's round to focus on, and so on through the characters until there aren't any left. *sob*

+ There will be three days for sign-ups, and another two for the mod(s) to mail out assignments. (Explicit dates will be given each month to avoid confusion.)

+ Participants will have at least two weeks (more like three) to write their assignments.

+ And at the end of the month? MASTERLIST! And loads of wonderful, intense, character-appreciative fic to read. What could go wrong? :)

+ The idea for this community shamelessly stolen from the wonderful Jossverse femslash_minis

+ Join up and write or just read, it's all good. Any pimping to Flists would be valued enormously.