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fic: crossover! Sam meets the Doctor - The West Wing Minificathon Community
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November 2009

Atticus (as if I could be anything else) posting in The West Wing Minificathon Community
User: tww_minis (posted by thecolourclear)
Date: 2009-09-21 08:32
Subject: fic: crossover! Sam meets the Doctor
Security: Public
Tags:*thecolourclear, crossovers, rated: pg, sam seaborn
Title: Sam Meets The Doctor (1/5)
Pairings/character: Sam, The Doctor (Ten)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 586
Summary: Sam was used to people not knowing the High Holy Days. He wasn’t quite used to strange men coming out of Police Call boxes not knowing the year, but he was lonely after the death of Toby, and this man reminded him of Toby, in some way that he couldn’t quite place his finger on.
Authors Note: It's a 5-part, 5-day look at Sam and the Doctor's journey towards forgiving themselves during the high holy days- for the events of the past year. Set 2017- post series 4 for the Doctor (so the Doctor and 'past year' are meant to be taken liberally), and post Toby's death for Sam.
[Note: I'm also not going to spam the comm with all five days- I'll edit this post and post the links/wordcounts to parts 2-4 as the week goes on, seeing as the deadline is today. I decided to use the prompt of 'isolation' very liberally]

( Sam Meets The Doctor )
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