{ masterlist & amnesty for november }

Hey guys,

Your mod is slacking again, apologies for that. Have a masterlist for the Five Things prompt to make up for it:

raedbard wrote Good Times for a Change [Toby/Sam, R]
kubis wrote Walking and Talking [Sam, Josh, Donna, Toby, G]

And for this month I was thinking, what with it being NaNoWriMo and the holidays coming up and the yuletide extravaganza starting in earnest and the manyyy ficathons that run at this time of year, I would declare November an amnesty month.

What that actually means is this: you can use this month to rest and recuperate, OR, you can use it to complete or have another go at (or a first go at) any of the previous prompts we've used. So, if the mood takes you, have a look through that tag and the previous challenges (back as far as you like), and see if anything prods you. Or use this month to finish up something that never quite came together in the past. Or wait 'til December. :)

Thanks, guys.
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Fic: Walking and talking [The Five Things prompt]

Hi, that's my first time here. :)

That's only my second time posting TWW fic. That's also my second time writing and posting fic in English, so I'm a little nervous.
Thanks, noelia_g, for the beta and kind words.

Title: Walking and talking
Author: kubis
Characters: Sam and Josh, Donna, mentions of Toby
Warnings: spoilers up to the S7 finale.
Rating: G
Word Count: 1063
A/N: for the Five Things prompt at tww_minis.
Summary: Five conversations between Sam and Josh.

"Toby is insane."

Fic Post: Good Times for a Change

Title: Good Times for a Change, or, Five Beds They Made Themselves Lie In
Author: raedbard
Pairing: Toby/Sam
Rating: R
Word Count: c. 5,000
Disclaimer: Not Sorkin, not Wells. Don't sue?
Warnings | Timeline | Spoilers: adultery, unhappiness | pre-show to post-show | none if you've seen past S4
A/N: for the Five Things prompt
Summary: Toby watches him, and wonders why he's even wearing a tie, why he still needs to be buttoned-up and proper, the best-dressed man at the Heartbroken Ball, when they have seen everything of each other and forgotten as much as they learned the first time, and begun again.

Good Times for a Change

{ masterlist and new prompt }

Laaaate. Sorry about that. Here's last time's masterlist:

thecolourclear wrote Sam Meets the Doctor [TWW/Doctor Who x-over, Sam, The Doctor, PG]
pinkinks wrote A Hundred Miles or More [(some implied) Toby/Sam, Toby/CJ (and Sam?), NC-17]

Thanks to everyone for writing!


Okay, it's back to old fannish favourites time again.

It's Five Things/Times fic. You know the kind of thing: Five Pieces of Trivia It Turned Out Jed Bartlet Didn't Know; Five People Willing to Swear that C.J. Cregg Really Is That Good in Bed; Five Phonecalls Josh Lyman Wishes He'd Answered; Five Times Toby and Andy Slept Together After the Divorce.

Neat for many reasons: structured fics are cool, you can shove loads of different pairings in there, you can play in a lot of different settings or times, they have this way of writing themselves without you having to do all the plotting work of a less structured fic, and by the rules of this comm, each Thing/Time need only be 100 words in length.

Have until the end of October (ETA: i.e. October 31st), since I feel generous today. ;) Thanks, guys.

ETA: And if you're not sick of ficathons and you feel like doing something to mark the fact that it's been TEN YEARS since TWW first began airing in the States, you might want to go over and see what they're doing at tenyearsoftww. :)
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here goes nothing

Title: A Hundred Miles or More
Author: DRG
Category: Angst, Slash Other
Characters: Toby, CJ and Sam
Pairing: (some implied) Toby/Sam, Toby/CJ (and Sam?)
Warnings: (mostly implied) drug use, voyeurism
Word Count:  1,150
Rating:  nc-17 to be uber safe (for language and adult themes)
Summary:  He wonders how the hell any of this was considered to be a good idea.

Author’s Note:  For the isolation prompt. TWW is not mine, do not sue.  A first real attempt at anything serious with Toby.  I’m not sure how I feel about it. Many thanks to sterling_sky for the beta-help and support and raedbard for the appreciated pom poms.

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fic: crossover! Sam meets the Doctor

Title: Sam Meets The Doctor (1/5)
Pairings/character: Sam, The Doctor (Ten)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 586
Summary: Sam was used to people not knowing the High Holy Days. He wasn’t quite used to strange men coming out of Police Call boxes not knowing the year, but he was lonely after the death of Toby, and this man reminded him of Toby, in some way that he couldn’t quite place his finger on.
Authors Note: It's a 5-part, 5-day look at Sam and the Doctor's journey towards forgiving themselves during the high holy days- for the events of the past year. Set 2017- post series 4 for the Doctor (so the Doctor and 'past year' are meant to be taken liberally), and post Toby's death for Sam.
[Note: I'm also not going to spam the comm with all five days- I'll edit this post and post the links/wordcounts to parts 2-4 as the week goes on, seeing as the deadline is today. I decided to use the prompt of 'isolation' very liberally]

( Sam Meets The Doctor )

{ masterlist and new prompt }

Hey guys,

Well, it's September. So you know what's coming. Masterlist for the 'concept album' prompt:

melliyna wrote The Arms of Grace [TWW/Criminal Minds x-over, Toby, Aaron Hotchner, PG-13]
amy_vic wrote The Only Thing Missing is a Van Morrison Cover Song [Andrea/Toby, Matt Skinner, Sam, PG]
raedbard wrote Six Songs from Morrissey's 'Ringleader of the Tormentors' [Toby/Sam, Sam/Huck, Molly, Huck, Andrea, PG to R]
in_joke_taken wrote Music When the Lights Go Out [Josh/Sam, PG-13]
thecolourclear wrote So Much for the Afterglow [Toby/Sam, Andrea, Huck, Molly, PG]

Thank you so much to everyone who wrote. Now, onwards!

Okay, so that last one was kinda demanding, and because we don't want to fry your brains, amy_vic and I thought we'd keep it simple for the next one.

Your prompt is one word: 'isolation'.

There are plenty of different ways to play this. Your story doesn't have to be about isolation from people, though that would be one way to go. It could be geographical isolation -- Josh freaking out because his Blackberry has no reception; it could be emotional isolation -- those bullies who beat up on Sam when he was in High School; it could be cultural isolation -- maybe C.J. is, for whatever reason, stuck somewhere like Tokyo, feeling eleven foot high and very out of place (yes, we kinda stole that from Lost in Translation).

Anyway, you get the idea. As simple -- or complex -- as you want to make it. :)

I'm going to give you three weeks for this one too (subject to all of us deciding we can't cope with the deadline!), so your due date is September 21st. See you then.
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just under the wire ...

Title: So Much For The Afterglow (Toby's Story In Song)
Pairings/character: Toby/Sam, Andy, Huck, Molly
Rating: PG
Word Count: 4207 - individual sections vary
Warnings: Character Death (and horridly unbetaed)
Summary: see title
Authors Note: So Much For The Afterglow, by Everclear was the inspiration for this. Each section is inspired by the song that it pairs up with on the album. There are 12 songs/fics and one 'bonus' song/fic. Story and album are both in chronological order.

( So Much For The Afterglow (Toby's Story In Song) )
Voices of his Better Angels (Jed&amp;Leo)
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raedbard has the new prompt ready to go up tomorrow (and, imo, it's a great one), but there's a couple of things we'd like to address beforehand.

1. Author tags

If you have submitted at least one story to the community, you should have an author tag. Each subsequent time you submit a story, you should tag your post, so that all your stories can be found easily.

If you change your username, please leave us a comment in this post with both your old and new usernames, so that we can adjust the tags accordingly. Each writer, regardless of the number of journals they have, should have only one author tag. Also, if you delete your journal, please let us know (preferably ahead of time), or make sure to link us ot a new journal where your stories can be found; there is nothing more frustrating than clicking on a link to a story, only to see "This journal has been deleted and purged." We would really hate to have to delete posts containing dead links when it's possible things have just been shuffled to a new name.

Also in regards to tags, please remember to tag your story with a rating. (We stick to the rating system used by the MPAA; it seems to be the most recognizable and easist to understand.) If you do not tag your entry and your story has no rating listed, we will tag your story with PG-13 regardless of the content, just to be on the safe side. If you feel that we have mis-tagged your entry, let us know and we will look into it.

2. Member suggestions and comments

In order for the community to remain a community, we require input from the members. If there's something you feel we could change or improve on, this is your place to let us know. Anonymous commenting is on, and IP logging is off, so please feel free to leave any suggestions and/or comments in this post. The only thing we will not tolerate is personal attacks on members; those comments will be deleted asap.

Fic: concept album prompt

Hey guys. So, um, this is what I came up with. I would have preferred every track down here to have a fic associated with it, but there was a whole thing with there not being enough days in August and my laptop's hard drive dying. :(

Album is Morrissey's Ringleader of the Tormentors. All the fics are Toby/Sam. There is a masterlist post in my journal here that I'll be filling in when I get round to writing the other fics and also where you can dl the tracks if you like.

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I'll be back with this month's masterlist and a new prompt tomorrow. :)